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3-D Model of Noah's Ark
Mount Ararat, Eastern Türkiye
Survey of Noah's Ark (a)
Survey of Noah's Ark (b)
Secured by the Israeli Army
The Master Lock at Zedekiah's Cave
Jeremiah's Tunnel, Zed's Cave
Dr. Michael Arkman Bonilla, with petrified wood he recovered
from the (mid section) of the remains of Noah's Ark located
in Eastern Türkiye (Turkey),  on October 11 of 2000
Dr. Michael A. Bonilla - Biblical Archaeologist & Author
Coralized Human Remains in Red Sea
King Solomon's Sword - Replica
Skull Hill, Jerusalem, Israel
Garden Tomb, Jerusalem, Israel
Gaza Strip Border (north), Israel
Ron Wyatt (magazine cover)
Ron Wyatt and The Arkman 6/6/99
Cross Site Of Jesus, Garden Tomb, Israel
Ark & Cross Site (English) ©
Ark & Cross Site (no scriptures) ©
Ark & Cross Site (Spanish) ©
Dr. Kent Hovind (l) and Arkman (r)
Arkman (l) and Richard Rives (r)
Bill Fry (l) and Arkman (r)
Dr. Micha Ashkenazi (l) and Arkman (r)
Arkman (l) and Mary Nell Wyatt Lee (r)
Petrified wood, Coprolite and more
Brimstone (sulphur) from Gomorrah
Ark of the Covenant © Replica
The Ten Commandments
Arkman (l), Val, Jean & Scott (r)
Elder Jack Hashim (l) and Arkman (r)
Superstar Billy Graham (l) and Arkman (r)
Other 3-D Model of Noah's Ark
The Exodus Route
The Ashen City of Gomorrah
Cross Site Side View
Cross Site Top View
The Exodus Route (Spanish)
Garden Tomb (repaired), Jerusalem, Israel
Arkman (l), Bill Fry @ Iran/Turkey Border
Hassan (l) & Arkman (r) by Museum
The Red Sea Crossing Site
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Noah's Ark; The Exodus Route, The Red Sea Crossing Site & The
Real Mount Sinai; Sodom and Gomorrah; The Crucifixion Site of
Jesus; The Ark of the Covenant, Creation vs. Evolution and more!
Jean (l), Bill Fry, Val (c) & Scott (r)
At Ease!. Arkman & Turkish Sodiers
Doğubeyazıt, a Smugglers Haven!
Val Smith (l) & Bill Fry (r) by the Ark
The Remains of Noah's Ark
Ashen Remains of a Sphinx
The Effects of Thermal Ionization
Ashen Remains of a Ziggurat
The Ashen City of Zoar (Bela)
Ashen City of Zoar (close-up)
Ashen City of Sodom
My Tour Guide: Dr. Micha Ashkenazi
Wailing Wall in the Old City
Who is the Arab Looking American?
Nuweiba Beach in Egypt (East)
4 Spoke Gold Chariot Wheel
Other 4 Spoke Gold Chariot Wheel
Coralized Chariot Wheel in Red Sea
Rephidim close to Mt. Sinai
"Real"  Mt. Sinai in Saudia Arabia
Creation Timeline
Where do you fit the millions of years?
Creation vs Evolution Blocks of Life
Wanted: Dinosaurs - $50 Reward
Map of Cities of the Plain
Religious vs. Spiritual Bookmarks
Darwin vs. Jesus Bookmarks
The Empty Tomb of Jesus
Zedekiah's Cave, Jerusalem
He is Not Here, for He is Risen!
Cross Site of Jesus (looking down)
The World's Largest Anchorstone
Mount Ararat behind me!
The Altar That Noah Built
Petrified Wood at Ron Wyatt's Home
Petrified Wood from Noah's Ark
Dr. Micha Ashkenazi in Cesarea
The Ruins of Jericho, Israel (North)
The Damascus Gate, The Old City
Noah's Ark vs. Footbal Field
Noah's Ark vs. U.S.S. Kitty Hawk
The Istanbul Turkish Express
Kalomira Sarantis (l) and Arkman (r)
My Ark-kids: Samantha (l) and Gabriel (r)
Rick Jordan (l) and Arkman (r)
Judy (Mrs. Arkman) Bonilla - 4/27/07
Mrs. Arkman (l) & Arkman (r) - 4/27/07
Grand Canyon Tour, Az. - Aug. of 2006
Frank "The Patriarch" Bonilla - 5/6/07
The Bonillas: Mike, Dad & Joe - 5/6/07
Who is this masked wrestler?
Prophetess Susan Slusher & Me - 6/8/07
Indiana Jones and the
Ark of the Covenant Lego Set
Arkman & WWE'S Matt & Jeff Hardy
Israel Archaeological Trip - Feb. of  2008
Jordan Archaeological Trip - Feb. of  2008
Arkman smashing 10 cement blocks - 1989
Sam, Mark Smeby and me - 8/16/10
Dennis, Michelle Wyatt & me - 8/21/10
Jesslyn Ice Johnson & me - 8/21/10
Mark Smeby & Arkman - 8/16/10
Arkman & Greg Valentine - 11/12/11